Some of you asked whether is that a penny board or do i ride penny board some sort of questions on my instagram and YES, that's my penny board. I do play it but  i am not a skillful player(duhhh)...tbh my level is just like a baby trying hard to walk(lol)...that's embarrassing...anyways my cheesy skill is not the focus point:P  You can tell my outfit is quite casual and easy but,instead i did accessorize myself and have some interesting details on my look. Can't tell? Well...the bandeau i wore is kind of brandy melville-like which i like its design on the back side very much. Also a brunch of arm candies can really add more colors and fun on this simple easy look. 
(wearing:shirt+shorts c/o H&m,sunnies c/o Rayban,shoes c/o nike)
Big Love x

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